Tuesday, May 2.23 Bed Update

Due to rain and thunderstorms, it took me a while to get out of Manassas on Sunday morning. When I did get on the road, I went to get gas first. Man!! That’s the first time in my life I have ever put $52 worth of gas in any vehicle, and it wasn’t even empty. I probably won’t have to do that again for another six weeks, so I need to just calm my nerves. 🙂

This is the bed in couch mode.

I was thinking yesterday that if we put down a board flush with the floor and scribed to the wall, it would be so much easier to use that as a base for additional storage on that wall. Right now, nothing is even on that floor. I’m beginning to think that I should have planned for the floor to go from front to back.

Kurt installed boxes over the sliders that could not be removed. I feel much better now that I can’t accidentally pull any wires to set off the airbag alert, plus I can now easily store stuff under the bed without worrying about it.

Thanks again, Kurt. Your da bestes!! Also, thanks to Jeanette! She built us delicious sandwiches for lunch. I can still taste it in my mind. It had been six years since I had bread.

I had bought these cool fitted sheets that would cover the four pieces of mattress. Of course, like a lot of things, I bought them before I even had the van, so they didn’t fit. Talk about putting the cart in front of the horse!!!

Yesterday I found a place that makes custom covers, and I should get them sometime next week.

I’m thinking of covering the wood in the van in paper bags or construction paper like I did on my floors years ago. I think it will look nice, and I still have all the leftover supplies at home. https://tangosgoingons.com/2017/03/19/paper-bag-flooring-living-room-2013/

After work yesterday, I spent a good half hour getting every piece of sawdust out of the van. I used the “extra powerful” vacuum at work. It looks much better now, and if the weather holds up, I will start on the wood tonight.


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