Monday, 5/8/23 Staining the wood.

Yesterday morning I stained the wood in the van. I’m super glad I took some Aleve before bed last night. I would have been sore as all get up this morning.

That white liquid is Elmer’s Glue which I will use on the floor. I haven’t decided on wether or not to cover the wood with Polyurethane yet.

I love the reddish look of this stain.

Then it was time for the floor. First, a torn-up construction/bag paper layer is glued down with water-diluted Elmer’s Glue. After that dried, I covered it with the same stain as the wood.

I still have to cover the edges with stain. After that, a coat or two of water-based Polyurethane.

I had to hunt down a bottle of this. I found it at Home Depot. I still had a little left from the bottle I used on my floor at home, but I knew that wouldn’t be enough. This bottle cost me $39.99 in 2017. Yesterday I bought it for $52.99. Ouch!!

My bed cushion covers should arrive tomorrow. I can’t wait to see how that looks.


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