Snowy Sunday

It started snowing about 7 AM. Big super fluffy flakes. Right now it’s 33 degrees. I sure hope it doesn’t start freezing, that will make it a real mess to get around in.

By the time I get up in the morning it will be down to 22. I’m going to get up extra early to get my car ready to move.

One of my genius managers thinks it’s gross to keep your mask on when you sneeze, so he removes it and sneezes in his elbow. If your mask is gross after you sneeze, get a new one. We have them and they are free. Shaking my head. I think I’ll flee when I think he’s going to sneeze.

Meanwhile another co-worker in the service department tested Covid positive. So far it looks like he didn’t infect anyone else in that department.

I didn’t cook a big meal for the week this time. Just some Savoie Sausage, onions and eggs with sour cream. Simple and fast.

5 Minute Glam Nails from

Nails for the week. šŸ™‚

It’s 1 PM, it stop snowing and the sun is out. Woohoo!

I was pretty worried that this snow mush was going to freeze overnight, but everything pretty much dried up. Won’t be getting up earlier because of ice.


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