It’s Saturday 02.13.21

It’s 28 degrees outside and it’s snowing/drizzling/sleeting just enough to piss me off. I am glad that T-Jay made it through his paper route before it all started.

Yesterday was a major bummer!! At around noon, while I was at work my phone crapped out. I took it out of my pocket and this is what it looked like. Seems that the battery swole up and broke open the case.

I called my insurance and was told this would be covered only by the manufacturer’s warranty. Of course the phone is over three years old and no longer covered by ANYTHING!! 😦

I need my phone for work and is also my only phone since I haven’t had a land line in many years.

At work I need it to be in touch with my managers and salespeople because we are not always at our desks. We have many jobs that require us not to be seated in one spot. So a cell phone is a must! Also when a customer wants a certain car, certain color car, or certain feature on a car that we do not have in stock, I need to be able to call the dealerships all over the US to find the customer what he or she is looking for. This would involve mostly calls and voicemails if I didn’t have my cell phone. Most dealer trade managers prefer text because we can answer them when we have the time and when we have the info that the person is looking for.

When I saw there was no fixing my phone. I went on line to order another phone from Verizon. Somehow my order got all screwed up and instead of being able to pick up the replacement phone at a Verizon shop, they are mailing it to me.

I called Verizon and got some woman that spent 5 minutes trying to sell me insurance for my TV. WTF? I kept telling her what I was calling about and she kept on talking about this great insurance deal that she had for my TV. More than frustrated by this time, in between answering the calls at work and other costumer service I was trying to take care of, I ended up hanging up on her. I called the Verizon store for another phone number.

This time I got through to the right department and spent another 35 minutes trying to get them to cancel the delivery so that I could pick up the new phone at a store. Well, that was a waste of time!! My best option would be to have them write a cancelation ticket which takes up to seven days and then I would have to start all over again. So I’m stuck waiting until Tuesday to get my replacement.

Meanwhile I had to warn any contacts that I have and use daily, that I will be phoneless until Tuesday so that they can email me instead.

When I got home last night I had to try to get past my own security to get on my computers which are all hooked up to my phone. I couldn’t turn off 2-Step Verification because I couldn’t get into my computers to shut it down for now.

I was so tired and tried so many things, I don’t even remember how I eventually got in, but I did.

Then I was on the hunt for an alarm so that my sleep wouldn’t get all screwed up. I put one on my computer and had to leave it on all night for it to work. I found another one and put it on my Chromebook, which is small enough to sit on my nightstand.

This morning I was writing my grocery list on my computer which shows up on my phone. HA, then I ended up writing the whole list on paper when I remembered I didn’t have my phone. I’m glad I remembered before I got to the store….I would have been more pissed!!!

People in Manassas don’t seem to be able to get up early to go to the store on weekends, so this is a perfect time for me to go. The place is empty at 7 AM. I’m super glad because the parking lot is packed after 9 AM and I would probably never go inside. Luckily I’m an early morning person. Got that done.

When I got home I was supposed to get with my family on Zoom, but I haven’t been a social mood since this shit happened yesterday. Hopefully next time.

Oh, I also didn’t have a camera app on my Chromebook, so I had to install one. I’m happy it goes straight to Pixel where I save all my photos. After I installed it, Google remined me that according to how much storage I’m using, I only have another four years worth of storage before I will have to start paying for it. LOL, I still have a while before I have to worry.

Well, writing this all down sure has calmed my nerves. I’m tired!


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