Sunday, May 2, 2021


Right now I am on Silly’s shit list it seems. She just had her bath and will be highly pissed off at me for a few hours. Hopefully we will be friends again soon. 😦

Chia Vanilla Pudding from scratch

I always did love tapioca pudding. I make a version from scratch. Instead of tapioca I put 6 teaspoons of chia seeds in a coup of water. Let them soak until the swell up. I then mix them in the finished pudding. I use half whipping cream and half water instead of milk and monk fruit for sweetener to keep the carb count down. I also add a pad of butter in the end. It is so good. Next time it will be dark chocolate pudding.

Five day of lunch

I grilled some meat for the week…first time this year. I’ve got enough for lunch all week. That’s sugar free Yum Yum sauce next to it. Love that stuff!!

I was in helicopter seed hell before I grilled yesterday morning. The high winds the day and night before knocked almost all of them down.

Electric Leaf Blower

Leaf blower to the rescue!!!

Much better.

Our IT guy at work hooked me up a second monitor at the reception desk. This will make it so much easier to teach my co-worker what I do all day. Many times we use two and three apps at a time and have to do a lot of copy and paste stuff. Having two screens makes it a bit easier not to make mistakes. It’s a bummer that one of the apps is so unforgiving that I have to email the company to fix any mistakes. It’s better not to make any in the first place.

Bullet Proof Coffee

Think it is time to finish my weekend with some bullet proof coffee. Since it’s getting a bit late, I’ll use the de-caffeinated stuff. 🙂

Bullet Proof Coffee
5 Minute Glam Nails

5 Minute Glam Nails for the week. Why does my hand look so fat?


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