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Tiny Living Spaces 10/5/2012

As far as I can remember, I have always had issues with living in large spaces.  I’ve always felt it was such of waste of space.  Heating and cooling an entire home in rooms that I hardly use is one of my biggest pet peeves.

About four years ago I sold one of my Scions and bought a 32 ft travel trailer.  That’s when I downsized and moved from a 1,220 sq ft home to a 358 sq ft home.  I lived in it for about two years.  The trailer was still too big.  Now I’m back in my townhouse of 1,220 sq ft.

I was okay for two years, but now I have a bad case of the hitch itch.  Wanting to move and wanting to move into something smaller.

For many years I was interested in getting a tiny house on a trailer like this one…


The bad part about this is that I would have to worry about getting a truck to move it when I get ready.   Then I started dreaming about a 25 ft one of these…


and one of these…


Now I’ve decided on something even smaller….


or one of these…


or this one….


Yep…a van would be perfect.  Instead of living in my home, I would be living out of my home.  When the neighbors get on my last nerve with their inconsiderate noise, I can move.  Where to?  Anywhere I want!!!  Of course, since I’m mechanically challenged, I’d have to get something made in 2007 or newer.

The other day I found a new way to search for things on Craigslist.  It’s called .  You can search for anything and it pulls results from Craigslist from the entire country.  Pretty awesome site.

I am working very hard to get debt free by the end of next year.  Then I will probably turn over my townhouse to an agency that will take charge of renting it out for me….or I will sell it.  Either way, I’ll be 56 in two months, time seems to be flying and I think it’s high time for me to do what ever I have to do, to get happy….don’t you think?

Fulltiming Springdale Tiny Homes Travel Trailer

Is winter over now?

This winter has been a major learning experience for me since downgrading from 1,220 sq. ft. worth of living space to 358 sq. ft.

My biggest lessons have been in insulating the underside of my travel trailer to keep the holding tanks from freezing up. I will have to think of better ways to hold the temporary skirting up around the bottom…well, I have all summer to think about it.

Meanwhile, I have taken all the tarps that I had duct taped to the bottom off, folded them and have them stacked up under the trailer. I have to figure out how to get the duct tape off. It really stuck on there good.

This winter the I only had one really bad day. The gray and black water holding tanks were full and I couldn’t dump them because they were frozen solid. I hauled butt up to the Lowe’s and bought a cheap propane heater and tank. Set it up underneath and burned it on very low. Every 15 minutes or so I went under there to feel the bottom of the trailer to make sure nothing was getting singed or too hot. After three hours both tanks were finally melted enough for me to dump.

Oh…there was another day where it got below 15 degrees and the water hose that brings in all my water froze up solid even though I thought I had insulated it enough. My son and I spend half a day wrapping that hose….. It took 2.5 days to melt and I found out that I needed 2 gallons of water a day to take a bath, wash my hair, make coffee, cook something to eat and clean up afterward.

Besides that, it was pretty cozy all winter. A tank of propane lasted for about 2 weeks until it was time to refill, but that was only if the temps stayed far below freezing for an extended time.